Lately my computer has been running fine until I enter google chrome. It slows the entire computer down. I went into task manager and under processes there was 12 “chrome.exe *32″ which use to not happen. And I’m only double clicking on chrome, so why is it doing this?

Internet explorer stops responding every 10 – 20 seconds (no exageration) Windows Media player also constantly stops responding, and a game I used to play called Civilization V, lags now.

I have 521 GB free of 560, so why is all this happening? I deleted all my pictures, programs I don’t need, cleard out, and it’s still happening..
I also have shit all music, only 5 folders with 12 songs each..

I have Norton 360 currently and I’ve been having lots of problems with it. One of the greatest memory using processes is ccSvcHst.exe which belongs to Symantec (Norton’s company). I am so sick and tired of my computer slowing down to a crawl. Can anyone recommend a GOOD antivirus software package that doesn’t have this problem?
I don’t know if this would make a difference but I have Windows XP running on my computer.

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